From the age of 12, I studied classical guitar with my father. At the age of 15, I studied in the oldest music school in Zhangjiakou.

After graduation, we set up a "fulcrum band" and achieved great success in Hebei.

In March 2008, he was invited to Beijing to join the avant-garde metal band "Mo Ni band" as the lead guitarist.

No matter in technology or creation, he has strong skills and is recognized as a musician with great potential and technical schools in the industry.

In terms of teaching, Mr. Sun, who has 12 years of teaching experience, is extremely responsible for his work, and his serious attitude is widely praised among the students.

He has participated in the first ceremony of Zhongshen resurrection, international game music festival, Strait Music Festival, MIDI Music Festival and strawberry Music Festival. Gibson Chinese rock concert and so on.