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Chiu Rock   (Principle of)  Jock Rock Studio (喬洛搖滾吉他教室)

★ Started playing acoustic guitar at 12

★ Started playing electric guitar at 16 and played in bands

★ Bands exp : Survivior、ZigerS、Wanpaib、隨機應變、Yonfriends…

★ A member of the 1999 Taiwan South Area ROCK Alliance

★ NSYSU SOUTH ROCK N ROLL Festival Host / Performer 

★ Kaohsiung University Exhibit bands Performance/ Kaohsiung Cheeky Charlie New Years Eve Show

★ NSYSU Creation Competition Champion

★ NSYSU YMMC  Electric Guitar Instructor

★ Kenmos Tech .LCD BLU Mechanism engineer

★ Trendchip BraodBand IC Design FAE engineer  

2014  Created Jock ROCK Studio

2015  Chang Jung Christian University Social College Music Instructor 

2016  Xinhua Chruch Social College Music Instructor

2017  Tainan POR / NOAH Instrument Store Guitar Instructor

2015  Created hundreds of guitar lessons on YouTube (with about 4k subscriptions)

2016  Held more than 30 electric guitar lectures 

2017  Invited by Taipei Jack to join the show “ Rockers behind the keyboard Perform “

2022  Invited by Shijie Guitar to be a Co-Artist


My acoustic guitar journey began at the age of 12. At 16, I started playing electric guitar and joined bands. At university, I joined the Rock N Roll music club and performed with my own bands as well as collaborated with other musicians.


After graduating from university, I went to an IC Design house as an engineer and took charge of customer – tech service. As a result, I had a lot of opportunities to go on overseas business trips (to Europe, South America…etc.). Those experiences changed my perspective of life. It struck me that perhaps there's more to life than being an engineer and I should try to regain my passion for Rock N Roll music and pick up my beloved guitar once more.


In 2012 ( when I was still an engineer), I watched a documentary movie【Not dead yet】that talks about the well-known shredding guitarist Jason Becker. Though suffering from an unfortunate disease like ALS, Jason keeps on writing songs.



In my early 20s , I admired Jason Becker's incredible guitar playing skills and his ability to create  melodic tunes. After learning that he still writes songs while trapped in an uncontrollable body, it made such a huge impact on me. It made me question myself if I like guitar and Rock N Roll music so much, then “Why am I not playing guitar right now?” Seeing how ALS hasn't defeated my guitar hero Jason Becker, there's no excuse for me to not pick up the guitar.


So I started practicing again. I was a father at that time and had about 30 mins to practice after my kids went to bed each day. I tried to rebuild my playing ability which had been neglected for almost ten years. Gradually, my passion for playing guitar grew back. It felt wonderful! And just like that, I found the power of life again.


After a while, I quit my engineering job and tried to become a full time guitar teacher.  I created a few guitar lessons on YouTube as a start, I gained supported fans and some of whom became my students. Nowadays, I am a full time guitar teacher who enjoys a life of playing and teaching guitar. Occasionally we would hold performances for students so they have the opportunity to show off their skills on stage. This really is a dream come true. I have been very fortunate, all thanks to Jason Becker for being such an inspiration.


This year, Shijie guitar gave me the opportunity to become a co-artist. It’s a huge honor and privilege. How lucky of me to have another dream come true.


Best wishes to all of you who's reading this, have a wonderful music journey playing guitar and enjoying your own music. Thank you.







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